Thursday, April 22, 2010

AACC held an Earth Day celebration April 21 on the main campus located in Arnold.
The highlight of the event was a performance by Nelly's Echo.

The Duo's performance kept the crowd's attention while the lead singer perform the songs and his partner beat boxed in the background.

Kimberly Herrera, is the head of CAB, which stands for Campus Activities Board.

"He was good and affordable," she said.

Herrera found Nelly's Echo at a music conference where booking an artist for an event usually cost about $1,000.

"I got them for a good price" said Herrera.

Barbara Temple, a student, who is majoring in Psychology, said that she has already found the group on facebook.

Temple said she never heard the group before and said that she just came to the dining hall to study for her test and wasn't aware of the Earth Day celebration.

"I'm thinking about buying the CD," she said.

There was a table dedicated to rain gardening and they even gave away plants to help people get started.

They also had a few tables with information on the importance of recycling.

However, the most attention seeking exhibit happens to be about pot smoking.

The brownies that were handed out did not contain marijuana.

The students that created the exhibit said the main purpose is to inform people of all the good that marijuana is being used for.

Bryant Jackson, who is 25 years old, and is majoring in intermediate production, is one of several students working to get colleges including AACC to legalized marijuana.

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