Thursday, February 25, 2010

What I like about Journalism is that I get to be nosy. I can ask any question and blame it on the profession. I love interacting with people and hearing different views and opinions. I've always been a people's person and that's a big reason on why I decided to become a Journalist.
I would have to say the most difficult thing about Journalism for me is that I need to be precise with my writing skills and although I love to write, the news writng style is more challenging than free writing.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Merry Mount student said she ditched the university because the religious factor began to cause conflict with her own beliefs.

"I don't believe in confessions or going to a priest," said, 18 year- old Courtney A. Nelson from Southeast Baltimore, who attended the university in Virginia last semester.

"It's not really that different but little things they do, I don't agree with." Nelson explained having issues with the fact that Catholics have "extra books" in the Bible that they read and how it wasn't something she agreed with.

However Nelson admits that the school doesn't push their beliefs on you and says overall she felt like Merry Mount didn't challenge her enough.

Nelson was a freshman who says she originally chose to attend the four-year Catholic university because it was close to home. "It had my major" she added.

Nelson decided being away from home was taking its toll after receiving news that a close friend died from the swine flu. She says, he suddenly became ill and was hospitalized for a week.

Nelson said, two days before his death he had to get his leg amputated.

Nelson is now continuing her education at Anne Arundel Community College and majoring in Fashion Design. Her favorite show is 'Project Runway,' which is a showcase for upcoming fashion designers.

Nelson says she wouldn't mind taking a stab at it, but is not sure how far she'd get because she's not very competitive.

She started sewing as early as age 11.

"My great-grandmother taught me how to sew," she says.

After being asked what's her favorite garment to create with much enthusiasm she quickly responded, "I love dresses."

Nelson said she always liked clothes and would like to own her own boutique. Her dream job would be working at Vogue as an editor.